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The love — the feeling peculiar to the person, deep attachment to other person or object, feeling of deep sympathy.

Love — one of fundamental and general subjects in world culture and art. Reasonings on love and its analysis as the phenomena go back to the most ancient philosophical systems and the literary monuments, known people.

The love is considered also as philosophical category, in the form of the subject relation, the intimate selective feeling directed on an object of love.

Ability to love at the highest animals can be shown in the form of the attachment, difficult relationship of social type in group, but fully it disputably and isn't confirmed yet.
At the same time it is obvious that the first words arise only in communication with the adult. But interaction of the adult with the child can't be reduced to direct copying of speech sounds. The word is first of all a sign, i.e. the deputy other subject. Means, behind each word there should be any subject designated by it, i.e. its value. If such subject isn't present, if mother and the child till one and a half years are limited to manifestations of the mutual love, the first words can not appear, as though there is a lot of mother neither talked to the kid and it is as though good it nor reproduced her words. If mother plays with the baby toys, his actions and these toys become a subject (or the contents) their communication. However in case the child with enthusiasm plays with subjects, but prefers it to do alone, active words of the child also are late: it has no requirement to call a subject, to address to someone with a request or to express the impressions. The requirement and need assumes to tell existence of two main conditions: 1) need for communication with the adult and 2) need for a subject which it is necessary to call.
The clothes — set of products (is more often woven or knitted of various materials), which people put on themselves for body cover.

The clothes happen a natural origin (at primitive tribes the clothes are made of leaves of plants). It should be noted that the clothes traditionally correspond to a floor of the carrier of clothes. Therefore more often on clothes it is possible to identify the man or the woman.
It is better to give a duty not in the evening, and in the morning.

Don't leave an empty bottle on a table — to a lack of money.

Don't sit on a table — poor you will be.

It is impossible to put on a table keys, a cap, to sit on a table — in the house money won't be found.

Buy a needle in the forenoon on Monday, and on Thursday thrust it together with a thread in a jacket on a breast.

Take money the left hand, and give to the right.

Avoid to borrow money on Tuesday — will be all life in debts.

Offer on the Christmas eve on church money. Over money before giving them, say words: «To whom church not mother, to that I am not a father». You will have money it is not known from where.

It is necessary to borrow money at somebody on a new moon, and to give on the defective — money will be found.

Money doesn't borrow in the evening, doesn't give and doesn't consider.

For the night money put under an oilcloth, instead of on a table. Will be more whole.

Don't select a trifle, especially if it lies at an intersection as many diseases reduce on a trifle.

Don't mark in one apartment different brooms.

Notes in a purse need to be kept in good order: that wasn't crumpled, let all notes of one advantage lie together, behind them — notes of other advantage.

Rubles, euro and dollars together don't put, but only on different pockets.

The money found at an intersection don't lift.

Broom store in the house komly up - will be rich
That will increase efficiency of trainings, you should know for certain when and in what quantities to use food. Our councils will help you in it to understand.

1. Protein - a basis of muscular growth

The protein arriving together with food in your organism, decays gastric juice to amino acids. Then they get into blood and start to circulate on an organism. In a muscular fabric separate amino acids again gather to chains. Thus, the new muscular fabric is stood. Animal sources of protein it is more preferable vegetative. Here main list of products rich with protein: chicken, fish, beef, bean, albuminous powder concentrates, and also the fat-free or nezkozhirny dairy products - cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and milk.

The main task to make a diet so that 2 g of protein were the share of 1 kg of your weight. All this amount of protein is necessary for breaking and accepting for 5-6 times. A secret of this technique that for once the organism can acquire no more than 30-40 grams of protein.

2. Carbohydrates - add energy

It is known that carbohydrates are the main source of energy. Energy is to irreplaceable components of successful trainings and growth of muscular weight. Combine in your diet products rich with protein and carbohydrates. Thereby you will give to an organism a necessary construction material for muscles and energy for creation of a muscular fabric. The main sources of carbohydrates for the body builder are every possible porridges, rice, bread from a flour of a rough grinding, macaroni from firm grades of wheat, vegetables and fruit, and also carbohydrate powder concentrates. If your organism doesn't receive enough energy from carbohydrates, it starts to burn and use your muscular fabric as a power source. It is obvious that in such mode of big muscles it will not be possible to construct.
3. Calories - a growth basis

It is accepted to measure by scientists quantity of food in calories. By means of them measure quantity of energy spent by the person. At first sight everything is simple - it is necessary to compensate quantity of the spent calories completely simply. No! Together with food you should consume more calories! Energy needs also process of growth of muscles. Therefore if the quantity of consumed and spent calories identical yours to muscles simply doesn't remain to energy for growth. The effect of posttraining "growth"" muscles is just based on superfluous consumption of calories. Sixfold "Mr. Olympia" Dorian Yets advises to begin 350-500 grams of carbohydrates per day. Further it is necessary to be guided on indicators of scales. ate your trainings take place in a heavy high-intensity mode, but your muscles don't want raise, means you don't gather additionally calories. Safely add 100 more grams of carbohydrates a day. And so until your scales won't show stable increases of weight.

4. Fats - an irreplaceable element of growth

Reception of fats is directly connected with secretion of the major hormones. The human body does testosterone of fats - the most anabolichny hormone. On it transition to rigid vegetarian diets involves sharp falling of a sexual inclination - the organism slows down processes of secretion of testosterone. During too time excess of consumed fats as is harmful as their shortcoming. Strangely enough, however reception of fat food as involves falling of level of hormones. It is necessary to know the measure of reception of fats. According to professionals no more than 15 % of all daily calories should fall on a share of fats. The traditional menu as a rule contains to 40-48 % of fats. Dieticians advise to reduce consumption of animal fats and is the vegetative more. But from this rule there is an exception - cod-liver oil, because of polynonsaturated fat acids containing in it the Omega 3. The advantage of these fats is difficult for underestimating. For bodibilder important also that the Omega 3 accompany digestion of glucose by a muscular fabric. The potential of growth of a fabric considerably increases because of bigger quantity of energy. Therefore if your purpose increase in muscular weight eat a salmon, a mackerel and a tuna.
5. Variety of food

Whether it is possible to use instead of natural products a powder protein and geyner, cod-liver oil - teaspoons and sports vitamin complexes? Whether muscular growth at such food is possible. Hardly. In vegetative "live" food scientists about fifty phytosubstances were revealed. These substances possess properties of antioxidants, strengthen immune system, prevent development of a serious illness. In the sublimirovanny products bought in shop, such substances very little. It is possible, for this reason inhabitants of big cities are so subject to skin diseases, a cancer, tuberculosis and frustration of nervous system. Long-term experience of body builders showed that muscles refuse raise on a diet poor vegetables and natural fruit. The daily menu surely should include three portions of vegetables and as much fruit. It is possible to add svezhezamorozhenny berries and fruit in albuminous cocktails. With such garnishes as rice and macaroni well "goes" the chopped stewed cabbage, sweet pepper and mushrooms. It is necessary for you at least once a day to eat big a portion of salad it is desirable filled with vegetable oil.

6. The quantity is extremely important

To restore huge number of the calories spent at training to you many carbohydrates is required. Therefore, to choose to you it is necessary products with the high content of carbohydrates. Them treat: rice, pasta, buckwheat and oat porridges, potatoes and black bread. Such products allow to gather necessary daily norm of carbohydrates thus without risking to overflow a stomach to the full.

7. Carbohydrates before training

Carbohydrates share on two look:" fast" and "slow". The first very quickly are digested and deliver a lot of energy. Digestion of "slow" carbohydrates takes much more time. They give energy to a grinding. Food the usually sweet containing "fast" carbohydrates. Examples of such food: sugar, cakes, candies, confectionery... The products listed in the previous point, are sources of "slow" carbohydrates. They have no sweet taste. Similar products well are suitable for food intake before training. Glucose gradually arrives in blood and provides stable level. And this necessary condition for a good muscular tone and mood. If you opposite eat the products containing fast carbohydrates before training, level of glucose will rise too quickly. The organism remains without energy soon and will start to spend a glycogen - emergency stocks of energy in a muscular fabric and a liver. The rest interval between trainings in this case can be tightened. You will feel absolutely broken while the organism won't restore all spent glycogen.
9. Eat as it is possible more often

Physicians thought up a special reusable food by small portions. The number of food intakes can reach eight per day. Bodibildera appeared the first who added to the arsenal such strategy of a food. When known pro Mike Matarazzo broke the daily diet into a set of small food intakes, at once put on weight. If you eat in the small portions with small breaks between food, your muscles will be provided with continuous inflow of amino acids and glucose. Amino acids are a construction material for the muscular fabric which has received damages at intensive trainings. Stable level of glucose provides equal allocation of insulin, thereby preventing action of katabolichesky processes in muscles and increasing glycogen stocks in muscles. In case you eat seldom and big portions to you provided constant weight in a stomach, mood differences, drowsiness and increase in hypodermic fat.

10. Vitamins C and Е

During intensive training in a human body there is a large number of free radicals. These harmful substances promote destruction of a muscular fabric. Scientists even consider them as one of the main reasons for diseases - from skin da of cancer tumors. However many athletes about advanced years remain healthy people. For a science while remains a riddle as the organism of the athlete consults with free radicals. Sports physiologists advise at regular intensive trainings to accept in large numbers antioxidants - vitamins C and E.Postupaya in an organism, these vitamins are destroyed by free radicals. As a result of the scientific researches which are carried out with the assistance of group of weight-lifters, it was found out that 1200 m е. vitamin E and 1000мг vitamin C sharply reduces in blood level креатинкиназы. The content in blood of this by-product of destruction of muscles free radicals less, the it is less than a scale of destructions.

11. Useful properties of a kreatine and glutamine

Among additives increasing force and muscular weight isn't present equal to a kreatine by efficiency. It promotes real increase of level of muscular power and endurance. As it stimulates protein synthesis. In the list it is considered the second глютамин. This additive improves immune system and well influences protective forces of an organism. And it as it is established by scientists, from a positive side influences abilities of an organism to be restored after trainings. The your immune system, the less time to you will be better to work it is required for restoration between trainings. In addition to it глютамин it is capable to help to reserve a glycogen and to block cortisol action. These two additives are recommended to be accepted together with high-carbohydrate drink after training. Glucose inflow sharply increases insulin level in blood, and it improves permeability of a kreatine and глютамина in muscular cages. Optimum dosage of 3-6 grams of a kreatine and 5-10 grams глютамина.
12. Watch scales

The size of your weight is directly connected with amount of consumed carbohydrates. If scales show that you stably add from 200 to 500 grams a week. means, your organism receives enough carbohydrates for growth. If your weight remains invariable, carbohydrates in your diet don't suffice.

It is recommended to be guided by everyday reception of 4-6 grams of carbohydrates on kg of weight of a body. If in this case the weight of a body doesn't start grow, add on one scar of carbohydrates on kg. the weight. Try to increase amount of eaten carbohydrates to 5-7 grams per day. With it you will be helped strongly by albuminous and carbohydrate concentrates - geyner.

13. Use a kaliper

Estimate a situation from the different parties. Except scales for this purpose to be necessary for you the device under the name a kaliper. It is used for measurement of folds of skin, allowing to define more or less precisely a specific ratio between percent of a muscular and fatty fabric in your organism. During a weight set its any part it is obligatory to fall on fat. Main that the increase in a fatty layer didn't advance increase in muscular weight till speed. Measurement of thickness of hypodermic folds will allow you to be guided precisely in this situation.

14. drink water

During the periods of increase in muscular weight the need of an organism for water sharply increases. In a word you need to drink more. Your organism for 75 % consists of water. No growth of muscular weight without it is possible. If in your diet strong shortage of water is observed. That shortly the organism will come in a dehydration condition and by that will start mechanisms of destruction of muscular weight.

Don't forget also that action of a kreatine and глютамина is accompanied by increase in the content of liquid in muscular cages. It allows to push them to further growth.

15. Meat

Natural beef is at all the worst source of protein, than chicken breasts or fish. Low-fat cutting contains many amino acids, group B vitamins, in particular In 12, a kreatine, iron and zinc. These substances are in some way catalysts of muscular growth. Also they are necessary for synthesis of red blood little bodies - erythrocytes. Besides, zinc influences allocation by testosterone organism.

So, if you aimed to become more, it is necessary to eat much, but efficiently - then your body will consist of powerful layers of muscular weight.
Many candidates speak about material motivation as to the best. And in it, certainly, there is a big sense. But it is necessary to define, whether is the desire to increase the income motivation, instead of it is simple desire. If the employee is ready to take additional work and responsibility, successfully carrying out the main, to show result of this work and then to tell about need to consider these merits from the point of view of salary increase, it is normal material motivation. If the person well works, fixes all results and then shows positive dynamics to the management with a request to raise a salary, it too testifies to healthy material motivation. And here if he simply constantly says what «it would work better and after all pay a little that then to be troubled?» that it not motivation, and a nonprofessional approach to business. If the person took for work, means, he agreed to carry out certain duties. To carry out them, instead of to promise that will carry out, if will pay more. That is at definition of material motivation — it is possibility of the employee to prove the main criterion that it really well works and is ready to justify salary increase.
Pensiya (from an armor. pensio, payment) — regular (usually — monthly) an allowance which pay to persons, which:

reached a retirement age (old-age pension),
have disability,
lost the supporter (pensions on the occasion of loss of the supporter).
Before the use medicines should pass clinical researches in medical practice and obtain permit to application for prevention, diagnostics, or treatment of diseases.
1. Cars in America cheaper is the fact. Against that an euro exchange rate in relation to dollar is essential above, the difference in the car price from the USA and a car from Europe essentially differs in favor of cars from the USA.

2. Upon car purchase in America there is more than confidence of reality of the specified run, but the full guarantee isn't present. It directly depends from what auction or a platform the car is got.

3. The most part of the cars, maintained in the USA, approach under ours 92. If to compare the same cars from Europe, 90 % of cars use AI 95-98.

4. The majority of cars of America usually are more richly completed. Practically you will find climate control or the conditioner in any car, AKPP, an electropackage and still is a lot of different options. The truth in many cars from the USA quality of plastic in salon leaves much to be desired.
1. As a rule all cars from the USA are bought according to photos. Thus not always damages are limited to what are visible on a photo. Besides it depends on auction. If at the Copart auction anybody for anything doesn't answer, on Manheim or Adesa the detailed description is given, up to a smell in salon.
2. The risk of damage of the car isn't excluded at transportation. To deliver the car from the USA, passes some loading and unloading operations – car loading on a purchase place, the same in departure port, unloading and loading in port of receiving cargo, unloading in a terminal point. To hope that carriers will be cares of your car to hope it is not necessary is their daily work. Even if losses the insurance company or the company will cover a carrier, all the same it is not pleasant that your car could be without any дефектов.3. Long expectation. From the moment of purchase before arrival in Piterburg, will pass about 1,5 months. It without considering time for search and possible repair. From some regions of America delivery can be stretched till 3 months. It depends on remoteness from port and intensity of transport streams in it направлении.4. There is also a problem not absolutely accurate relation of Americans to the cars. Often there are cases when the salon of the arrived car from the USA is not in very good condition. But it concerns not all cars. Usually it is the budgetary models which owners are less provided Americans. Or the car was used as office in which really lived, ate and slept (at a competent choice of all this it is possible to avoid).В the majority of cases this problem will be solved by a dry-cleaner.
Impellent activity — the most important condition of normal activity of people, and meanwhile we move, ever less: for work and from work we eat in the public transport, the work with introduction of achievements of scientific and technical revolution is ever less connected with physical work, houses we too sit more often, than we move — is shorter, the hypodynamia starts to threaten each person really. Whether there is an exit from the created disturbing situation? Is. And this exit provides us sports. Sports are loved by all. But also to love sports it is possible differently.

If you for hours sit in front of the TV screen, with interest watching fascinating duels of hockey players or competitions of figure skaters, the advantage for you from such love to sports will be equal to zero. No more advantage will bring to you and a regular exit to stadiums and in gyms where you take places on tribunes among other fans, worry and worry about the favourites, perfectly knowing, as though you arrived, it appear you on their place, but, without doing anything from this that could bring real advantage to your health.
Now share construction is conducted according to new European requirements, so, the new apartment is under construction on the highest quality standards. The priority in construction of housing is given to spacious apartments in which there are no superfluous partitions. The area of housing is marked by only the most necessary partitions, and it becomes in order that buyers as a result received freedom maximum in future design of the apartment.